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self-hypnosis for birthing, AND it is a complete childbirth education course, covering the same topics taught in other childbirth classes, and more!

HYPNOBABIES mothers are never "asleep." They are fully aware, in control of their birthing bodies, and in tune with their babies.

HYPNOBABIES moms are able to move around and talk throughout the entire birthing process, while remaining deeply in self-hypnosis, which automatically creates powerful anesthesia in their birthing bodies, the same hypno-anesthesia used for surgeries!

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Classes

Prior to your first class, after enrolling you will receive:
"Special Place/Easy Comfortable Childbirth" CD.

Class ONE...Creating Positive Expectations of Childbirth:
How Hypnosis for Childbirth Works, How the Mind Works and the Mind/Body Connection, What Hypnosis is and is NOT, Demonstrations of Hypnosis, How Fear Affects the Comfort and Length of Your Birthing, Couple's Communication Exercises, and your "Learning Self-Hypnosis" Script, and your "Deepening Self-Hypnosis" CD.

Class TWO...Staying Healthy and Low Risk:
Importance of Diet in Pregnancy, Nutritional Guidelines, Avoidance of? Harmful Substances, Comfort Measures During Pregnancy, Sleep and Relaxation Positions, Stages of Birthing, Empathy for Baby/Prenatal Bonding, Prenatal Exercises to Prepare You for Birth, and your "Creating Anesthesia" Script, and your "Pregnancy & Birth Affirmations" CD .

Class THREE...Your Birthing Choices/Planning for Your Beautiful Birth:
Your Options in Birthing, Consumer Awareness Issues, Creating Your Birth Plan/Preferences,?Touring Your Birth Facility, Artificial Induction and Natural Induction Techniques, Natural Progress of Labor, and your "Hypnotic Childbirth # 1" Script, and your "Birth Partner, Relax and Be Confident" CD.

Class FOUR...Your Birthing Time Begins!:
Signs of Birth Beginning, How to Time Birthing Waves, When to Be at Your Baby's Birthplace, What is Measured in an Internal Exam, How to Handle Special Circumstances, Remedies for Slow or Stalled Births, How Your Birth Partner Can Create a Safe Birthing? Environment, Benefits of a Professional Birth Assistant/Hypno-doula, Childbirth Hypnosis Video, and your "Hypnotic Childbirth #2" Script.

Class FIVE...Transformation and Birth! Birth Partners Training:
Your Role During Pregnancy and Birthing Reviewed, How a Labor Assistant/Doula Can Help the Birth Partner, Verbal Birthing Cues, Physical Comfort Techniques, the "Change of Plans" Script. Late First Stage or "Transformation." Hypnosis Deepening Techniques, Effective Positions for Birthing, Exhale Pushing, Birthing the Placenta, Post-Partum Choices. Review: Membranes Releasing, Hypnobabies Tools, Fear Clearing for Childbirth, Avoiding a Cesarean Section. Hypnosis practice: Using Hypnobabies in the Moment! Practice with Your Lightswitch, Peace cue, Release cue, Birth Partner's cues, etc.

Class SIX...Hypnosis Script: Visualize (Create!) Your Birth, and an In-depth Birthing Rehearsal. New Baby Care: Baby Kindness, Apgar Scores, Normal Newborn Appearance, and Choices for Baby's Care (Including Hospital and Homebirth Newborn Procedures), Bathing..or Not, Vaccinations, Circumcision and Rooming-In. A Good Start with Breastfeeding, Latching, Non-Schedules, BF Resources, Attachment Parenting Information, Slings and Carriers, and much more!