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Carole Thorpe CD, CHT, HCHI, CLEC
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Carole Thorpe
Photo: Carole Thorpe

Birth Hypnosis Ed.
and Hypno-Doula

Hypnobabies certified

National Guild of Hypnotists

Childbirth Doula DONA/
Doulas of North America

Lactation Educator
and Counselor

UCSD certified

CPR/Professional Rescuer
Red Cross certified

Neonatal Resuscitation
American Academy of Pediatrics and American Heart Association certified

"Enjoy Your Baby's Birth, in Comfort, Joy and Love."

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Kimberly, Rob & Madeline
"Using Carole as our doula, in conjunction with the Hypnobabies approach, was a wonderful way to have the natural, calm, and easy birth I wanted." -- Kimberly

Shana, Jon & Jonah
"When things got scary ... you provided us with a calm presence that helped us get through those frightening moments." -- Shana & Jon


Jennie, Stephen & Elias
"Carole helped to keep me relaxed and focused throughout. Although my husband also did a wonderful job, her professional expertise was invaluable, as was the support she gave us before and after Elias' birth." -- Jennie

Angie, Scott & Sydney
"Carole made it possible for us to bring our baby into the world in a very peaceful and drug-free way." -- Scott & Angie


Kendra, Trevor & Lily
"The Hypnobaby-birthing was a success! We are so grateful that we found your class." -- Trevor

"... it helped me stay totally calm and focused even when things got crazy (cord around the neck, lowered heart rate). ... They were all so skeptical of Hypnobabies, but now they're not." -- Kendra



Kimberly, Jonny & Evan
"The hypnosis worked better than I ever imagined it could. It kept me relaxed and focused, and in control of my body and my birthing time." -- Kimberly

Joyce & Richard
"Your presence was a major factor in making our baby's birth such a wonderful experience." -- Joyce & Richard


Heidi, Glenn & Clare
"My daughter was posterior and my 'birthing waves' were very difficult, but thanks to Carole I was able to endure all of them, through the entire 26 hours!" -- Heidi

Sam, Thavery & Janis
"We couldn't have done it without you. Your presence was of great comfort to both of us at Janis' birth." -- Sam & Thavery


Sheila, James, Zachary & Andrew
"When we got to the hospital, I was at the pushing stage. But the hospital staff put us in a room and went away. I was so tranquil that they figured I was hours away from delivery. We got them back and they were amazed; the time was now!" -- Sheila, with Zachary

"I am so grateful to Carole for giving me such peace of mind during both of my birthings. What a wonderful gift." -- Sheila, with Andrew