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Carole Thorpe, Hypnobabies VP
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
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Carole Thorpe
Photo: Carole Thorpe

Hypnobabies, VP

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor

Hypno-Doula x 300 (retired)


Lactation Ed./Counselor

Homeopathy Consultant

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
Carole Thorpe

Thank you for your interest in my services! I am always happy to share how I teach and assist moms and their birth partners with hypnosis for natural childbirth, and also how my experience with assisting at hundreds of natural births led me to work with Hypnobabies couples exclusively.

Photo: Carole with Heidi & Clare
Carole with Heidi & Clare

As a preparation for childbirth educator, I taught hundreds of couples and assisted them at their births to reach their goal of natural childbirth. I taught an adaptation of the Lamaze and Bradley methods, along with what I called, "verbal relaxation & guided imagery." I assisted with over 300 births that resulted in unmedicated, calm and peaceful babies, and I witnessed moms who were in control of their birthing bodies, but these moms were far from comfortable during their babies births.

Then I learned from personal experience that the power of the mind while in hypnosis, can create desired change in one's personal belief system, which changes one's perception and experience, and can even change the body's physiological responses. I also discovered that hypnosis is a very pleasant state to be in, and not dissimilar to the deep relaxation achieved through "verbal relaxation & guided imagery," BUT with a HUGE difference! It was interesting to me to know that a person in hypnosis is so deeply relaxed mentally and physically, that they are able to accept the hypnotic suggestion that they can create anesthesia in their bodies using "only" the power of their own minds!

"This is the missing link!" I thought, and I trained in hypnosis through the National Guild of hypnotists. Then, I observed a series of preparation for childbirth classes taught by the founder of Hypnobabies. I was so impressed with the thoroughness of the program, that I offered to assist one of the couples from that class series as their doula. That's when I witnessed first-hand that a woman could have natural childbirth using hypnosis, and be able to move around freely with her eyes open, awake and aware during the entire process, and be completely comfortable ... even pain free! I then became a Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis instructor, and a now retired "hypno-doula" x 300. 

I am also a lactation educator and counselor, certified through UCSD. I maintain a "CPR for the Professional Rescuer" certificate with the Red Cross, and certification through the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association for "Neonatal Resuscitation" in the midwifery/doula model of care.

I love my "work!" I am in awe each and every time I am privileged to witness the power of a woman's mind to create such peaceful, comfortable birthings.